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Criminal defense and
representation in
criminal processes.
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Legal advice
in criminal law
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to firms.

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Our Law Firm

Gabinete jurídico Fermín Morales is a law firm which was founded in 1997. It is specialised in criminal defense and particularly in economic criminal law.


Our firm is located in Barcelona in the street Tenor Viñas nº 4-6, 5º 1ª.


Our team of specialised lawyers have a long term of experience in the field of economic penal law.


Gabinete Jurídico Fermín Morales has solid contacts with other partner law firms nationally and internationally.

The main policy of the Firm is on the basis of maintaining professional secrecy and the personal treatment that we offer to each individual client.


Our profesional team defend and accuse in criminal processes. In the same way the team draw up and carry out criminal law reports and give legal advice.

Activity Areas

Criminal defense and representation in criminal processes.

Preventative assessment to firms.

Legal advice in criminal law.

Criminal law reports.




    Dr. Fermín Morales Prats

    - Lawyer -

    Enric Bertolín i Ponsa

    - Lawyer -

    Thea Morales Espinosa

    - Lawyer -

    Rosa Maria Calderón Gallart

    - Lawyer -

    Alejandro Tomás Pozo

    - Lawyer -

    Teresa Galve Uranga

    - Lawyer -

    Maria Rodriguez Prieto

    - Lawyer and Head of Administrative -

    Emma Ollé Gascó

    - Attached Director -

    Nuria Bros

    - Administrative -